100 jahre alte band in berlin

Are you aged between 0 and 100?

Have you always wanted to be in a band?

Do you play a musical instrument or sing? Or perhaps you used to, and would love to play again?

We’re bringing together 10 people from the city of Berlin to make a band that crosses generations and genres!  The 100 Year Old Band has one person from each decade – an under 10, a teen, a 20-something …. all the way up to an 80-something and a person in their 90s! – a truly unusual sight and sound!

The 100 Year Old Band is part of Gob Squad‘s ‘Be Part of Something BiggerCelebrating the art of collectives and 20 years of Gob Squad’ over the weekend of 20th – 23rd November 2014 at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany

The 100 Year Old Band is a project by UK artist and musicians Sue Palmer, Joff Winterhart and Simon Roberts.

We will work and play together to create a cover of a Queen song specially for the festival and perform it live on the night of Saturday 22nd November 2014 at 24.00hrs.

Download our call out in German: Deutsche 100 Year Old Band Call Out for Berlin

Would you like to be in the band?

Are you available to participate in the week leading up to the 22nd November?

Would you like to be part of something bigger?

If yes! then please use the contact form below.

Annette Birkholz, Assistant Producer for the 100 Year Old Band in Berlin, will send you further information.

I love Queen, I hate Queen graphic for the 100 Year Old band in Berlin

One Day Old Band in Cambridge

One Day Old BandWe did a one day version of The 100 Year Old Band at Cambridge Junction on Saturday 9th August 2014.

One song, one gig, …. one day.

17 people from the city of Cambridge, aged between 10 and 70 signed up – drums, gong, 3 guitars, ukulele, keytar, kazoo, keyboard, bass, harmonica and 7 singers including 2 sets of twins!

We wrote an original song ‘The Animals’ and played live at the one and only gig of our band at Hope Street Yard in Cambridge.

The drummer, Lucas, wrote a review of the experience here!


Watch an extract of the performance which features Jesse on Kazoo, Elissa on Keytar and the Gong!



‘Collage/Mosaic’ from Bucky‘s album Women, Ladies and Girls (Sing the Bucky Songbook)’.

What can we say about Art School? Sue and Joff collaborated on the concept for this track, with Joff making it all happen in the edit of the song and the video.  The song features Suzi Gage and Sue Palmer (Suzi-Sue!!), and the video Ali Cross.

The album ‘Women, Ladies and Girls (Sing the Bucky Songbook)’ was released in September 2012 and contains women, ladies, girls (and a few men) who live in America, Canada, Oxford, Brighton, London, Bristol and even Rochester! It has contributions from young ladies, old ladies and all ages in between, covering songs written by Joff and Simon.

To see more amazing videos made to accompany songs from the album go here.

And to buy the album – all proceeds go to the charity ‘Because I’m A Girl’ – go to Bucky’s site and click through to Shop.



The No 1 Bus – B-side 2010

Joff's drawing of Jordan and TomJoff and Sue made a project on the No 1 Bus running between Weymouth and Portland in Dorset, for the B-side multimedia festival in September 2010, commissioned by PVA MediaLab and B-side.

Meeting and talking with passengers and the drivers on the bus and at the bus stops on the route over the week long festival, Joff drew our encounters, giving the original drawing away, with us keeping a carbon copy for our project.

We collected material through these exchanges for a song – the No 1 Bus single – asking people “If you were to write a song about the bus, what would you say about it?”


The ‘No 1 Bus single’ was written and recorded in collaboration with Simon in 24 hours), and ‘released’ during B-side, with 50 limited edition CDs distributed to passengers and left at bus stops on the No 1 route, with a free download available.

Documentation includes “The No 1 Bus Drawing Book”, a collection of Joff’s drawings and Sue’s writing, and a series of photographs of the ‘handovers’ with the passengers and drivers.

An edited version of ‘The No 1 Bus Drawing Book’ was published in a limited edition of 40 in May 2011 by LabCulture.

Click through to see an 8 minute video short of the project and making process.

Listen to the No 1 Bus Single: